Our mission: Help you make the most of yours.

From pick-up to payment, you can always count on us.

We’ve helped non-profit organizations maximize the return on their recycled goods for over 35 years. By adding us to your team, you’ll quickly benefit from our unique combination of competencies.

A wealth of experience

We live and breathe logistics, even the complex international stuff. It’s what we’re good at. Over the years, we’ve seen it all — and have created systems that keep it all running smoothly.

A sense of purpose

Your organization has a higher calling than recycling goods, but a better salvage program can help make a bigger impact on your community.

Successful salvage programs can provide economic opportunities for individuals and communities, both locally and abroad. They also create a huge environmental impact by keeping millions (and millions) of pounds of textile waste out of landfills around the world every year.

Valued relationships

We proudly serve more than 100 non-profits throughout the country — some of those relationships lasting over 30 years. We’ve also developed connections to dozens of graders in every region of the world, enabling us to pick the best market for your goods — and get you the best prices.

Recyclables we handle


Mixed Institutional Rags


Credential Clothing


Paired Shoes


Belts and Purses


Hard and Soft Toys



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